Made to measure

Please note - you will be asked to fill in this form once you have completed your purchase. If you do not have time to fill it in then, we will send you a link with the email confirming your order to the Made to Measure form so that you can send it to us later. WE CANNOT PROCEED WITH YOUR ORDER UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE COMPLETED FORM BACK FROM YOU.

It is important that you fill this in accurately, as we then make the garment using these measurements in conjunction with a formula which results in a satisfactory fit in 95% of cases.

The formula reduces the measurements you give us by a given proportion to make allowance for the stretch of the rubber, so if you find the actual measurement is different from the one you gave us, this is not necessarily a mistake!

Please note that made-to-measure items are not always wrinkle-free. A few wrinkles here and there are perfectly normal and prevent your blood circulation being restricted, especially at the joints, elbows and knees.

The form below is read only. You will be asked to fill the form in once you have ordered a Made to Measure garment.